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Just a quick reminder that our club meeting is on Fourth tuesday at the usual time and usual place.

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The weather has finally broken. We’ve had some welcome rain, temps are lower and day length is shortening. I’ve dropped my watering back to once each day now and occasionally even able to skip a day completely. Be aware that trees with leaves on tend to shed any rain out past the edges of the pot so light rain does not always wet the roots so it pays to check the mix after rain to determine whether you can afford to skip wateringType your paragraph here.

January 23: Figs and natives.
February 27: General bonsai maintenance – what to do and when?
March 27: Group workshop- small groups work cooperatively on one or more trees – prune, shape, etc (is anyone brave enough to offer one or more trees for this activity?)
April 24: Accent plants
May 22: Swap meet – buy, sell, swap or give away anything plant or bonsai related
June 26: Swamp cypress
July 24: Groups – forest style bonsai
August 28: Club workshop – bring a tree to work on, get advice or show others. September 25:  October 23:
 November 27: 
​ December: No meeting due to proximity to Christmas January 2018: Figs (and other natives) You can see we still need something for Sept, Oct and Nov. What would you like to see and hear? What could you offer?